Singapore must not let other countries dictate what it does, says Shanmugam

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No matter how big or friendly other countries are, Singapore’s policies are for Singaporeans to decide, says the Law and Home Affairs Minister in a speech.

But Singapore's experts assessed that the country's healthcare system would not be stressed and so no changes were made to border rules for the Chinese.

The number of imported COVID-19 cases from China is now fewer than five a week, and Singapore is in a position to increase the number of flights to and from China, he added. "Sometimes, the steps we take may look like it is more aligned with one country; other times it may look as if we are more aligned with another country, but actually, we are always only aligned to one country - Singapore, ourselves and our principles.


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lol… like the government did not let the CCP walked all over Singapore

What a load of garbage. Singapore had been ruled by a bunch of WEF Cabal who championed Climate Change and aggressively pushing everyone to pay Carbon Tax. Only those blindfolded Pappies can't see through all this puppet show.


Seems like Israel/US dictates what to report about the Palestinian issues. Seems 100% pro-Israel all the time.

Earlier it used to Britain , then the US. Now the Chinese.

Correct,especially the PRC.

Rubbish. Always let China people come in and bully locals, that one is what? Matchmaking ah Pappy know how to talk cock only lah

So he expects New Citizens to uphold the country‘s interests?

easier said than done

That is just a naive dream. Because the big and strong countries will always dictate the smaller and weaker. Sometimes even dominate them.

But you dictate us leh! How like that?

But we have to jab our citizens accordingly?




Singapore is always about how she comes first. No big deal! Materialistic ma. How many refugees has Singapore taken thus far?

LimGoHome LimOut FvckMeriton

Shamu, you talk big as usual.

Totally concur.👍👍

Yep especially those meddling commies of north Asia with their fake news and propaganda

The multilateral world order is breaking apart. So are the well supply chains. Trade is being weaponized and Singapore is being directly impacted. On the grand scheme of things, Singapore must walk the tight rope and not be the stalking horse for any country.

As a whole , Singapore and our fellow ASEAN members , must stand together not let US dictate like having an extra military bases in their country ......

obviously Singaporeans must decide what is good for Sg. but the whole 'small country', 'let's all be friends' is very kiasu in my opinion...sometimes you need to stand on principle, even if that cost you something

Really? For singaporeans to decide? Why I never see anybody from his government ask me to decide anything for this country? 'They like to force ppl'- this came from my kid.. she didnt come up with this from thin air ok..

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