States plow forward with pot, with or without Congress

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Roughly 1 in 3 Americans could have access to legal recreational marijuana if voters approve state ballot initiatives this November

, with Nebraska’s medical campaign the latest blow after losing a legal challenge on Thursday. The other state measures are already set.

If both measures pass, more than 16 million additional Americans would be living in states where anyone at least 21 years old can buy weed for any reason. That would mean more than 100 million Americans would have access to legal recreational marijuana sales, less than a decade after Colorado and Washington pioneered the modern legalization movement.

Meanwhile, Mississippi voters will decide whether to legalize medical marijuana. Mississippi would join a recent wave of archconservative states — including Oklahoma, Arkansas and Utah — that have embraced medical sales in recent years. If all five states pass their ballot measures, more than two-thirds of federal lawmakers would represent states with legal medical or recreational marijuana markets. Even if only the New Jersey and Arizona measures pass, those votes would add four additional senators and 21 representatives — meaning a quarter of the Senate and a third of the House would represent states with legal adult-use marijuana.


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Not good, what’s behind this money?

I get not wanting to fill our prisons with pot smokers, but there has to be a way to protect people from the danger it poses when pot smokers get behind the wheel. It is no different than alcohol.

Dear GOPLeader: How do Republicans best choose personal freedom over government control?

Just make it legal federally already!

♡♡ ●●● LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NATIONWIDE ●●●♡♡ Think of the infusion the treasury would would get from taxes! Pay for Healthcare? Education? High teacher pay? High minimum wage? It has been proven to be medically beneficial! Help people relax and a be little happier NOW!

Legalize and tax it heavily! Our deficit would be cleared quickly

Let's hope NY moves to legalize. The state could use the money and the citizens could use the weed legalizemarijuana

Big mistake!Marijuana kills brain cells.Dulls the mind.Many will be stoned out of their minds placing themselves and others in danger.Only should be prescribed to terminally ill patients and people who suffer excessive pain.realDonaldTrump USSupremeCourt foxandfriends CNN

Yes we do it called Colorado

Democrats have turned their backs on what would've been a winning issue for years. The 80s scare tactics didn't work. Americans wants legal marijuana. The Prison-Industrial Complex has made us believe the opposite.

Can the federal government catch up to the progress of the states? With marijuana legal in many states, y is it a class 1 level drug with the feds?

Gives you man boobs

OMG😳 This is terrible; don't sell your soul for freedom❗️

If everyone used pot responsibly, it would be legal across the country. I smoke every day. But, I only do it at home. I wish others would just use it at home instead in public, or driving, or at work, etc...Idiots

We already do in California. Getting menthol cigarettes next year will be the ordeal.

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