Controversial commentator given Australia Day honour for ‘advocacy for men’

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“Giving Bettina Arndt this award is like giving Pauline Hanson one for promoting racial equity & George Pell one for child safety.' AustraliaDayHonours

Ms Arndt, 70, who says she’s been writing about men’s issues for 30 years, told she was “delighted” to have her career recognised in this way and predicted it would “cause a stir”.It states that she has been appointed an AM “for significant service to the community as a social commentator, and to gender equity through advocacy for men.”

“They ignore the true complexity of domestic violence which include problems with mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.”Ms Arndt says she’s been writing about men’s issues for 30 years. “It’s now all about male bashing, trying to advantage women over men in so many areas. I had enough of that.”Here are a few of her most recent headline-grabbing incidents.sympathetic interview she conducted with convicted sex offender Nicolaas Bester.

He was sentenced to two years and six months in prison but in 2015 Bester reoffended by making child exploitation material.Nicolaas Bester bragged that the sexual abuse was ‘awesome’.Ms Arndt, who laughed about these comments, said in the interview: “You did something else pretty stupid. I can imagine how easily this happens.”

Her main claim was that rates of sexual harassment and assault on university campuses, highlighted by campaigns such as End Rape on Campus, were being artificially inflated by campus feminists to stoke anti-male sentiment.University security stood by while people attempting to pass through to watch the talk were pushed and shoved before police came to break up the crowd.Source:News Corp Australia

La Trobe University initially denied its Liberal club to host the event, but then changed its mind on the condition that the club would foot the bill for any extra security.BUSHFIRE COMMENTS


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So it appears the feminists cannot rebutt her arguments. Exactly what qualifications does Rosie Batty oh Clementine Ford have?

It's the decent folk who don't think childrape is okay. It's any woman who has been raped by one of the men she's have lied for, defended, covered up for or enabled. I still can't believe this I keep thinking I will wake up from a nightmare.

Oh go away

Congrats for a tremendous win. Well deserved

And the comments here are a cesspit full of trolls

Pauline Hanson should get a knight hood for all the great work she has done. What have you done fool

Australias filling up with self-vested idiots. Everyone has mentioned 'me me me' but not one person has questioned the 'impacts for our community'. It seems Australians are Pro-Divorce and dont have half a brain to see where there actions go. Bettinas doing a good thing.

Bettina is used as a culture war pundit & agent provocateur ....but really she is just one creepy sex therapist

Am I the only one who thinks Pell is innocent.

Couldn't agree more. If Pell win's his appeal, I am sure he will be Australian of the Year

reminds me of the Regurgitator song...' Wo oh, wo oh woh...'

Please contact the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat requesting it be revoked under section 4 of the Terminations and Cancellations Ordinance on the grounds it could bring the order into disrepute.

So men are equivalent to paedophiles and anti immigration?

She used to be interesting and informative years ago, now she’s really odd

Good for her. Notice only the perpetually outraged are opposed to her award. Feminazis and left wing loonies who hate anyone having a different view to the indoctrinated bullshit they try to push on others. She’s a voice for the silent majority.

Controversial only to those who think men are bad. Have a word for them. Misandry. Congratulations thebettinaarndt from a mother of four sons.

There's always going to be jealous and bitter losers. Good on her for promoting equality, not preferential treatment.

The fake news part of news LTD

Is this like giving Jane Caro one?

Congratulations thebettinaarndt totally deserved 👏

Says who VanBadham haha

Not me 👏

These altleft articles are full of lies and need to be policed. A very very very small percentage of Australians are “woke”, the rest of us just want truthful journalism.

In my opinion, pretending Van Badham has good opinions on anything, is like accepting medical advice from Belle Gibson.

It finally shows some commonsense in this award! Finally, someone that really deserves it rather than virtue signalling minorities that only serve to divide the country

'Australians have reacted with fury' is a total lie. Feminists have reacted with fury, few other people care. Stop writing bullshit with an agenda and start reporting news.

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